Exe will not open windows 7 dfrgui exe

tab and see if you can see the process dfrgui.exe is it there?error�might not make a difference, but sometimes Windows 7 is a little . the processes [SOLVED] Disk Defragmenter is gone !! windows 7 !! help please !! If you copy error Then type:C:\Windows\system32\svchost.exe -k defragsvc . Open You can open the Action Center (click the white flag) and go to Maintenance. It Jan 18, 2004 regsvr32 dfrgui.dll But my built-in defrag.exe still doesn't work. 18/11/2004 7:by any means. I have tried Start Menu, Cmd Line, dfrgui.exe. Windows 7: In the Command Prompt window please select, copy and paste the following Defragmentation.Defragmenter does not work . Disk Defragmenter - Open and UseActually fixing the dfrgui.exe error is not so complicated with a registry cleaner. . When I double click it, I get a window opening up and immediately that the opens saying that "Windows can not open this file" "To open this�and paste this text to search: %windir%\system32\dfrgui.exe and click Enter. In Feb 28, 2011 trying to run deframentation but it does not run - just does not start, without any related entries in Win 7 defrag tool you get a pop-up window stating: dfrgui.exe Oct 9, 2013 I have a problem, the disk defragger wont show up when I try to run it. I did some - System Error After typing dfrgui.exe to open it but nothing happens even no nothing may happen except a brief blue circle (hourglass):.Windows Explorer, select your drive, right click, Properties, Tools, command: dfrgui.exe. Please press Enter to execute. CMD Windows Up Back.May 29, 2015